Welcome to rise: a salon de soufflé where impeccable flavor and French sensibilities meet comfortable hospitality. rise is a one-of-a-kind dining experience designed to nourish your body and soul. We welcome you to dine with us and find out just what we mean.

You will find that rise isn’t your occasion place... 
it’s your daily place.


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Hours: 11am-9pm, Sun-Thurs  |  11am-1opm, Fri-Sat
dallas: 214.366.9900
fort worth: 817.737.7473
the woodlands: 281.809.0742
plano: 469.331.8974

11am-9pm Sun-Thurs
11am-1opm Fri-Sat

Dallas: 214.366.9900
Fort Worth: 817.737.7473
Woodlands: 281.809.0742
Plano: 469.331.8974

Who We Are

rise is an intimate salon de soufflé and wine bar designed with French influence. Our relaxed bistro focuses on the soufflé—the masterpiece of French cuisine. Our unique approach is to turn something as simple as an egg into something as magnificent, yet unfussy, as the soufflé. rise is the first of its kind, bringing the French classic to our diners in a comfortable, casual environment.

At rise, our guests are family.

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The rise Torchon: $21

Merci Torchon: $21

Happy Birthday Torchon: $21

Welcome Baby Torchon: $21

Baby Girl Torchon: $21

Baby Boy Torchon: $21

Best Mom Torchon: $21

But Mom Torchon: $27

I Love You Mom Torchon: $21

Tennis Torchon: $25

Golf Torchon: $25

Football Torchon: $21



Dallas Torchon: $21

Fort Worth Torchon: $21

Margaret McDermott Torchon: $21

I Love You Torchon: $21

Love Torchon: $25

Friend Torchon: $21


Texas Torchon: $21

Cowboy Torchon: $21

Welcome Home Torchon: $21

Bee Happy Torchon: $21

Teacher Torchon: $21

Constellation Torchon: $25


Mushroom Torchon: $21

Ice Cream Torchon: $21

Sommelier Torchon: $21

Pink ABCs Torchon: $21

Blue ABCs Torchon: $21

Ballerina Torchon: $21

Grey Cats Torchon: $21

Pink Cats Torchon: $21

Pied de Coq Torchon: $21

Take a peek at our classic, seasonal, and embroidered torchons (tea towels) available for purchase inside our stores. If you would like to pick-up your torchon curbside, simply give us a call and we will assist you. Merci!

A torchon for every occasion!

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