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 Take a little piece of rise home with you.

Wares from creator hedda gioia dowd's Antique Harvest collection can be seen throughout the restaurant, lending an authentic charm to the interior of rise. Dallas-based Antique Harvest procures and sells the finest French antiques and accessories. Enjoy!


$25.00 and up

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The rise Torchon: $21

Merci Torchon: $21

Happy Birthday Torchon: $21

Welcome Baby Torchon: $21

Baby Girl Torchon: $21

Baby Boy Torchon: $21

Best Mom Torchon: $21

But Mom Torchon: $27

I Love You Mom Torchon: $21

Tennis Torchon: $25

Golf Torchon: $25

Football Torchon: $21



Dallas Torchon: $21

Fort Worth Torchon: $21

Margaret McDermott Torchon: $21

I Love You Torchon: $21

Love Torchon: $25

Friend Torchon: $21


Texas Torchon: $21

Cowboy Torchon: $21

Welcome Home Torchon: $21

Bee Happy Torchon: $21

Teacher Torchon: $21

Constellation Torchon: $25


Mushroom Torchon: $21

Ice Cream Torchon: $21

Sommelier Torchon: $21

Pink ABCs Torchon: $21

Blue ABCs Torchon: $21

Ballerina Torchon: $21

Grey Cats Torchon: $21

Pink Cats Torchon: $21

Pied de Coq Torchon: $21

Take a peek at our classic, seasonal, and embroidered torchons (tea towels) available for purchase inside our stores. If you would like to pick-up your torchon curbside, simply give us a call and we will assist you. Merci!

A torchon for every occasion!

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